This is a notification to all clients on the immediate discontinuation Of Addon Domain Hosting feature on QServers hosting packages.

Addon Domain Hosting: This is a feature which provides the ability to host multiple domains on a single hosting package.

It is with great regret we notify you that QServers Web Hosting will no longer feature Addon Domain Hosting on our hosting packages.

This decision was taken due to the amount of confirmed service abuse over the year.

All new hosting accounts will have the Addon  Domain feature disabled, while existing hosting accounts with Addon Domain hosting already enabled, will be disabled and end 1 year from today (01/08/2020).

Our relationship with you is extremely important to us and we are sorry for any inconveniences this might cause you, hence the reason for stopping the service 1 year from today which we feel should make migration of multiple hosted domains to their own individual hosting accounts or to another host convenient.

Thanks again for your understanding, for further inquiry please contact

Monday, July 29, 2019

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