How to Install a Let’s Encrypt SSL From Cpanel

Let’s Encrypt is a service provider that provides SSLs for your website for free. This allows you to get a valid SSL certificate for use on your site. SSLs provide secure site connections and have lots of uses. This write-up will show how to install the Let's encrypt ssl.

Step 1:  Login to your cpanel and locate the Let's Encrypt icon. You can find the let's encrypt icon under the security section in the cpanel.

Lets encrypt on cpanel home

Step 2:  Click on "ISSUE" at the right end of the listed domain you are installing for.

Lets encrypt page

Step 3:  After clicking on "ISSUE" in step 2 above, allow the page to process and provide you a details of the installation about to be done as shown in the screen shot below.

Lets encrypt page

Step 4:  Click on "ISSUE" in the screen. You should get a successful response as below:

Lets encrypt page

Congratulagtions!!! You now have Let's Encrypt installed on your domain.

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